Short Biography

Mourad Chabane Oussalah is a full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nantes and the chief of the software architecture modeling Team. His research concerns software architecture, object architecture and their evolution. He worked on several European project (Esprit, Ist, ...). He is (and was) the leader of national project (France Telecom, Bouygues telecom , Aker-Yard-STX, ...)

He earned a BS degree in Mathematics in 1983, and Habilitation thesis from the University of Montpellier in 1992.

Research topics

My research lies in the field of software engineering. It relate to two complementary topics:

  1. software architecture specification and design models. This domain concerns with developing new software architecture description models that allow, in the one hand, the extension of ADLs modeling formalisms taking into account complex architectural elements (composite style, multi-view components, active and explicit connectors, architectural styles, etc.) and in the other hand, the mapping of these models into executable objects architectural models.
  2. structural and behavioral evolution models for software architecture. The principal preoccupation of this domain is to allow the evolution of not only architectural elements but also their global architectures. It concerns with, for example, adding new architectural elements representing new functionalities, adapting them, modifying a configuration or redefine interactions among different architectural elements.

Thus, the fixed objectives are:

  • developing tools of specification, design, and validation for component-service based software architectures,
  • elaborating correspondence and conformity models between architectural components-services and object components,
  • developing meta tools to produce new software architecture modeling languages.