Pascal Molli

Full Professor, Nantes University, France
Head of GDD team, LS2N,
UFR de Sciences et Techniques
2, rue de la Houssinière
BP 92208
Tel : +33 251125810

(pour toujours)

§1.  Bio

Pr. Pascal Molli graduated from Nancy University (France) and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nancy University in 1996. From 1997 to September 2010, he is Associate Professor at University of Nancy. In 1998, he participated to the creation of the INRIA ECOO (Environments for Cooperation) project. In 2001, he becomes vice-head of the INRIA ECOO Team. In October 2009, he creates and leads the INRIA SCORE team. From September 2010 to current, he is Full Professor at University of Nantes and is head of GDD Team in LINA research center.

Pr. Molli published more than 100 papers in software engineering, information systems, distributed systems and computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and semantic web. He has served on program committee of 20 conferences or workshops. He participated to national projects such as Libresource, Xwiki-Concerto, Concordant, STREAMS, Kolflow and international projects such as European Project Qualipso. He is currently involved in project Socioplug and the coordinator of labex cominlabs project Descent.

Pr. Molli mainly worked on collaborative distributed systems and focused on problems of consistency of shared data in collaborative environments and awareness models for collaborative editing. His current research topics are:

§2.  Professional Activities

§2.1  Thesis and Master

Ongoing Thesis

  1. Pauline Folz, Started in February 2014. Advisor: Pascal Molli, Co-Advisor: Hala Skaf.
  2. Georges Nassopoulos, Started in October 2013. Advisor: Pascal Molli, Co-Advisor: Patricia Serrano
  3. Brice Nédelec, Started in September 2012, Advisor: Pascal Molli, Co-Advisors: Achour Mostefaoui
  4. start october 2012 Gabriela Montoya , Co-advisor Guillaume Raschia
  5. start august 2011 Luis Ibanez, Co-advisor Hala Skaf
  6. start before end of 2010 Diego Torrez, Co-tutelle with Alicia Diaz, Co-advisor Hala Skaf,

Past Thesis

  1. Director : Khaled Mobayed, Co-advisor Hala Skaf
  2. Director : Hien Truong Thi Thu, Co-advisor Claudia Ignat
  3. Director : Wikis sémantiques distribués sur réseaux pair-à-pair. Charbel Rahhal. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy1,9 November 2010. (Jury: Fabien Gandon, Sylvain Lecomte, Hervé Martin, Olivier Festor, Isabelle Christment, Pascal Molli, Hala Skaf-Molli)
  4. Director : Edition collaborative massive sur réseaux Pair à Pair. Stéphane Weiss. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy1, October 2010. (Jury: Marc Shapiro, Achour Mostefaoui, Esther Pacitti, Olivier Festor, Pascal Molli, Pascal Urso). Stéphane Weiss, Co-advisor: Pascal Urso,
  5. Director : Concurrence et Conscience de Groupe dans l'Édition Collaborative sur Réseaux Pair-à-Pair.. Sawsan Alshattnawi. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy1, November 2008. (Jury: Laurence Nigay, Bruno Defude, Frédéric Alexandre, Eric Lecolinet, Pascal Molli, Gérôme Canals). (URL) . Co-advisor Gérôme Canals
  6. Co-Director : Réplication optimiste et cohérence des données dans les environnements collaboratifs répartis. Gérald Oster. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy1, November 2005. (Jury: Jean Ferrié, Marc Shapiro, Jens Gustedt, Claude Godart ,Pascal Molli). (URL)
  7. Co-Examiner : Consistency Maintenance of Hierarchical Documents. Claudia Ignat. PhD thesis, ETH, Zurich, July 2006.

Jury member

  1. Support informatique à des communications de groupe. Emmanuel Nars. PhD thesis, Université d'Orsay, Septembre 2007. (Jury: M. Khaldoun Al Agha: Président,Michel Beaudouin-Lafon: Directeur de thèse,Alain Derycke: Rapporteur,Pascal Molli: Examinateur,Michel Riveill: Rapporteur,Nicolas Roussel: Encadrant).
  2. Conception Formelle d'Algorithmes de Réplication Optimiste. Vers l'Edition Collaborative dans les Réseaux Pair-à-Pair. Abdessamad Imine. PhD thesis, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1, December 2006. (Jury: Michaël Rusinowitch, Jean Ferrié, Jean-François Monin, Dominique Mery, Pascal Molli, Jacques Julliand).
  3. Intergiciel extensible à base de composants adaptables pour l'informatique mobile: Réplication optimiste et réconciliation. Lydialle Chategnier. PhD thesis, Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne, July 2006. (Jury: Jean Ferrié, Claudia Roncancio, Christophe Lorian, Pascal Molli, Guy Bernand, Sophie Chabridon).
  4. Gestion de transactions en environnement mobile. Christophe Bobineau. PhD thesis, Université de Versailles, December 2002. (Philippe Pucheral, Christine Collet, Jean Ferrié, Pascal Molli, Pascal Urien, Patrick Valduriez).
  5. Convergence des Copies dans les Environnements Collaboratifs Répartis. Nicolas Vidot. PhD thesis, Université de Montpellier, September 2002. (Jury: Jean Ferrié, Rachid Guerraoui, Michelle Cart, Alain Jean Marie, Pascal Molli, Marc Shapiro, Philippe Pucheral).

Master 2 Research

  1. 2011-2012 Brice Nedelec . Conflict-free Replicated Data Type for the Real-time. (Co-advisor: Achour Mostefaoui and Emmanuel Desmontil)
  2. 2005-2006 Stéphane Weiss . Annulation de groupe dans les éditeurs collaboratifs.
  3. 2004-2005 Xin Chen . Réplication optimiste de données XML dans un environnement collaboratif répartis.
  4. 2001-2002 Sébastien Jourdain . SAMS : Environnements coopératifs Synchrones, Asynchrone, Multi-Synchrone pour les équipes virtuelle.
  5. 2000-2001 Gérald Oster . Visualisation de la divergence dans les équipes virtuelles.
  6. 1996-1997 Abdelmajid Bouazza . Modélisation d’espaces de travail.

§2.2  Contracts and Scientific projects

Ingoing project

  1. 2011-2014 ANR Kolflow
  2. 2010-2013 ANR STREAMS
  3. 2010-2013 ANR Concordant

Finished projects

  1. 2009-2011 XWiki 3.0 - Appel Web innovant
  2. 2006-2011 European IST IP Qualipso (Quality Platform for Open Source Software) - Next Generation Forges
  3. 2009-2010 Cywiki projet -
  4. 2009-2010 action TALC - "Vers un wiki sémantique pour la gestion des connaissances d’un système de raisonnement à partir de cas"..
  5. 2009-2010 Coclico (Pole de compétitivité) - Forge Federations.
  6. 2008-2009 International Scientific Cooperation Program (France-Argentina) - SeCyT (2008-2009) - Collaborative Systems and Semantic Web. Partner University La Plata, Argentina (Alicia Diaz )
  7. 2006-2009 RNTL XWiki-Concerto (2006-2009) with XPernet, ENST, Mandriva and ObjectWeb. Development of a P2P Wiki system.
  8. 2005-2007 Member of Project Rorax, french/libanese program Cedre
  9. 2005-2007 Leader of ARC INRIA Recall, Recall is funding the development of Wooki.
  10. 2002-2005 RNTL PureSource (LibreSource) with Artenum and l'University Paris 7. Development of a platform for collaborative development
  11. 2004-2005 Leader of action Mobi5, CPER QSL. Mobi5 has funded the development of So6.
  12. 2001-2004 RIAMM COOPERA with Jeriko, LPI University Nancy 2 and ORME. Cooperative work for kids.
  13. 2003-2004 Member of Gdr-PRC I3 (pucheral03a),(pucheral03b)
  14. 2001-2003 Leader of action VXP, CPER QSL. VXP has funded the development of SAMS;
  15. 2001-2002 3G Booster Web service for managing Rendez Vous on Internet (2001-2002),
  16. 1998-2001 COCAO with France Telecom R&D and CRAI.
  17. 2000-2001 Australian Research Council IREX Grant with University of New South Wales, Sydney

§2.3  Program Committee and Reviewing





2006 and before...


§3.  Software