Grammatical Inference
Learning Automata and Grammars
(ISBN-13: 9780521763165)

by Colin de la Higuera

This is the site supporting the book Grammatical inference: learning automata and grammars. Here you may download the table of contents and a couple of chapters. Discussion about the material in the book is also encouraged!
I will try to mantain some useful material linked with grammatical inference, and specially so software.
I always welcome comments, suggestions, questions, new elements!

Book: Grammatical inference: learning automata and grammars.

Colin de la Higuera
Cambridge University Press, published in April 2010
Details 170 b/w illus. 25 tables 160 exercises
Page extent: 485 pages
Size: 247 x 174 mm
ISBN-13: 978-0521763165.

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