The course called "Grammatical Inference" is part of the curriculum of the second year ATAL speciality of the Computer Science Masters at the University of Nantes.

A lot of material corresponding to this course can be found on the web with slides and videos corresponding to tutorials given at summer schools or conferences. This is a good starting point.

The book is also a reference. Cover

A number of algorithms have been transformed into software. In several cases, this software can be downloaded here.

111/9/2013An introduction to grammatical inference. About what learning a language means, how we can measure successChapter 2Slides
218/9/2013An introduction to grammatical inference. A motivating exampleChapter 1, VideolecturesSlides
325/9/2013Learning: identifying or approximating? Chapter 6Homework
42/10/2013Learning from textChapter 8Slides
59/10/2013Learning from text: the window languagesChapter 11Same slides as lecture 4
723/10/2013Learning from an informant: the RPNI algorithm and variantsChapter 12Slides
86/11/2013Active learning 1Chapter 9Slides
914/11/2013Active learning 2Chapter 13See videolectures, Angluin's paper
1020/11/2013Active learning 1Chapter 9
1127/11/2013Learning distributions: why? How should we measure success? About distances between distributions, learning the weights given a structure. EM, Gibbs sampling and the spectral methodsChapter 5, Chapter 17Slides
122/12/2013Learning distributions: state merging techniquesChapter 16
1311/12/2013Learning probabilistic transducersNot in the bookArticle