Welcome to the homepage of Christophe Jermann

I am currently Maître de Conférences (~ Assistant Professor) in the Computer Science Department of the Science Division at the University of Nantes (FRANCE). I belong to the OGRE research group of the LS2N (CNRS UMR 6004) laboratory.

In 2003, I was in postdoc at the AI Lab in EPFL. I was working on the European project COCONUT (IST-FEP 2000-26063) which aimed at initiating collaboration between constraint programming, mathematical programming and local search/optimization in order to propose robust and complete solving techniques for constraint satisfaction or constrained optimization problems (CSOP).

Before, I was PhD student in COPRIN, a joint team of the I3S/CNRS and INRIA laboratories. The subject of my thesis was "Solving geometric constraints by recursive rigidification and interval propagation". I was working on this subject with professors Bertrand Neveu, Michel Rueher and Gilles Trombettoni. I defended my PhD on  20th December 2002.

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