Chapters in Books
  • Marc Christie, Hiroshi Hosobe and Kim Marriott, Trends and Issues in using Constraint Programming for Graphical Applications, , Trends in Constraint Programming, ISTE 2007, [pdf]

International Journals
  • Marc Christie, Patrick Olivier and Jean-Marie Normand Camera Control in Computer Graphics in Computer Graphics Forum, 2008 [ to appear ]

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International events
(published proceedings)
  • Jean-Marie Normand, Alexande Goldsztejn and Marc Christie, A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Numerical MAX-CSP., in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Constraint Programming, LNCS, Sydney, 2008 [ to appear ] (best PhD student paper)

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International events
(unpublished proceedings)
  • Marc Christie, Jean-Marie Normand and Charlotte Truchet, Computing Inner Approximations of Numerical MaxCSP, in proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Interval Techniques in Constraint Programming, France, 2006. [pdf]

French journals
  • E. Languenou et M. Christie, Le cameraman virtuel - Contraintes redondantes et reperes attaches, Revue Frangaise de CFAO, 2000. [pdf]

French events
(published proceedings)
  • Marc Christie, Jean-Marie Normand, Charlotte Truchet, Calcul d'approximations interieures pour la resolution de Max-NCSP, JFPC'2006, Nimes, 2006

  • Jean-Marie Normand et Marc Christie, Le partitionnement semantique applique au probleme de composition virtuelle, AFIG, Strasbourg,2005.

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PhD Thesis
  • Marc Christie, Specification de trajectoires de camera sous contraintes, PhD thesis, Janvier 2003.