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Frédéric Benhamou is Professor of Computer Science and vice president for research at the University of Nantes.
He is President of the "House for foreign scientists" in Nantes and President of Biogenouest, the Western

France life science and environment core facility network. He is one of the founders and an  Executive Board member of the laboratory of excellence COMIN Labs. The COMIN Labs focus on future internet related research areas and count more than 1000 researchers in Nantes, Rennes and Brest.

He is the former head and founder of the CNRS research lab LINA and of the CNRS research federation AtlanSTIC.

Prior to his current position, he obtained a PhD on Constraint Logic Programming from the University of Marseilles in 1988, spent two post-doctoral years in Ottawa, Canada and got an assistant Professor position at the University of Orleans in 1993 followed by an associate Professor position at the University of Nantes in 1997.

He is a member of the TASC INRIA-CNRS project-team. His main scientific areas of expertise are Decision support, optimisation and Constraint Programming, with a focus on Numerical Optimization based on Constraint and Interval techniques. His main contributions concern the generalization of the constraint satisfaction problem paradigm to continuous constraints and the design of several reference algorithms for continuous constraints solving (e.g. HC4). He has been involved in the design and implementation of different constraint-based languages including Prolog III and IV (PrologIA licence), and CLP(BNR) (Nortel licence). 

He co-edited with Alain Colmerauer one of the first books on Constraint Logic Programming with MIT Press in 1992, was the invited editor of several journal special issues and is the author or co-author of more than 80 scientific articles on Constraint Programming, including two survey articles, in the Encyclopaedia of Optimization and in a the Handbook on Constraint Programming. His h-number is 19 (Google scholar). The number of citations for his main contributions are as follows : Interval constraints : 400+ cit. — Box-Consistency : 370 cit. - HC4 and BC3 algorithms : 260 cit.

He is program co-chair of the international conference Digital Intelligence 2014.

In 2006, he was conference chair and program chair of CP 2006, the major international annual conference on constraint programming and of the French CLP conference in 1996. He also organized several international events on CLP, was area chair of ECAI in 2008 and sat on the PC of numerous conferences including CP, ECAI, CP-AI-OR, ILPS, ICLP, CL, ALP. He was involved in various national and international projects on Logic and Constraint Programming, Concurrency, Debugging and Global Optimization. This includes six European R&D and Basic research projects and a European network of Excellence on Computational Logic.

Former member of the boards of the Association for Constraint Programming and Informatics Europe, he provides expertise for various international agencies, including SFI Ireland, BIRS Canada, Austrian academy of sciences as well as the French ministry of research, the French Research funding agency (ANR)  and the French evaluation agency AERES for research projects or committees laboratories. He is also a member of the advisory board for the Erasmus Mundus European Master’s program in Computational Logic.

Vitae and publications

You can download my CV in French or in English. You can find my principal publications here (DBLP)




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